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Cat Snitches on Dog | [Reddit discussion]

Lucky, the iPhone ringtone singing cockatiel, reacts to his own viral video. [Bird removes laptop 'Esc' key] | [Reddit discussion]


Kitty trying his best to pet gently [/Reddit discussion]

Boing [Dog over fence] | [Reddit discussion]

A nice old lady was having a yard sale in my neighborhood yesterday | [Reddit discussion]

Happy cows returning to the pasture after a long winter in the cow shed | [Reddit discussion]

[What the US Navy drew over our valley] | [Reddit discussion]

Dog waves to fellow biker [/Reddit discussion]


View into the upsidedown | [Reddit discussion]

Stop Motion Carousel | [Reddit discussion]

[CoD WWII] This is now my favorite thing to do in game | [Reddit discussion]

God got me.... | [Reddit discussion]


Happy Cow | [Reddit discussion]

Mascot of the year | [Reddit discussion]

He loves his tiny comb [Dogs have masters. Cats have slaves.] | [Reddit discussion]


Nintendo confirms Mario was originally punching Yoshi in the head | [Reddit discussion]


Bambi and Thumper | [Reddit discussion]

Running on a treadmill is hard | [Reddit discussion]


Pickpocket in action | [Reddit discussion]


No balloon is lost with dad around | [Reddit discussion]


An unexpected domino simulation... | [Reddit discussion]

Patience is not infinite | [Reddit discussion]

Two Children Playing Peek-a-boo | [Reddit discussion]


And you think wireless headphones sounded impossible at first | [Reddit discussion]

YouTube Aside:

Carbonaro Effect

Bunnies can fly...proof


Dog is excited to help his tiny human | [Reddit discussion]

Proof Verizon mobile and Others are Throttling Your Data (Ed.: including TMobile) | [Reddit discussion]

Internet speed and cost by country | [Reddit discussion]

Streamer daughter walks in on him while playing a scary game | [Reddit discussion]

Jesus approves & [Reddit discussion]


Programmer writes script that calls Phone Scammers 28 times a second causing service denial preventing future scams [ page v=EzedMdx6QG4] | [Reddit discussion] | The C-Sharp code at GitHub | My page "Programmer fights phone scammers" ...

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Blender Smokey Man | [Reddit discussion]

Play at home plate - Softball | [Reddit discussion] | BlueJays/Cardinals

"Hold my beer until I get back from space. Thanks." | [Reddit discussion]

[Aside: Kerbal - Space-Shuttle escape pod system]

When you tell your parents that you wanna be Batman when you grow up, but you realize what must be done.


Don't worry son, I'll get your ball!

Dog keeps girl from wandering too far out in the ocean.


Fake ratings for mobile apps - Phone farm | [Reddit discussion]

Hurricane simulated within 3ds max

Watch existing WannaCry infections checking in | [Reddit discussion]

Puppy distraught at possibly of having been adopted | [Reddit discussion]

2017.03.26 ++

Giant Air Cannon

Unreleased footage of Gimli attempting to destroy the One Ring.

Bike Thief | [Reddit discussion]

Monster Truck Frontflip | [Reddit discussion] ...with other 'angles' posted | Max D Neil Elliott - Freestyle | Huge Air

Just doing their best to fit in! (A social Puffin) | [Reddit discussion]

A beautiful tower (Cat's domain)

Dustin Brown hits an awesome behind the back shot (Tennis) | [Reddit discussion]

Evidence of Rebels using child soldiers against Lord Vader

Lighting strikes a car

Vacuuming a lit cigarette when the vacuum is filled with gunpowder | [Reddit discussion]

How the world's first head transplant will be carried out. | [Reddit discussion]

I love you too .... [Puppy tackles little girl] | [Reddit discussion]

Handbag Designer [Ivanka Trump, and Angela Dorothea Kasner-Merkel (Chancellor of Germany)] | Hi-Res Img | Photoshop 1: Romulan vs Starfleet | Photoshop 2: ...with weapon

[Aside: Toss me a cold one, will ya?]


Superdad saves his child | [Reddit discussion]

Sample video format to learn

Anti-tank projectiles and their effects animated [gif]