ISS - International Space Station.

Sighting: 1, 2, 3, 4.

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  1. 5-Day tracking table.

    Generates a page with a 5-day Sighting table based on where you are now, and determined by your computer's IP location.

  2. USA Cloud-cover Satellite map.

  3. Voice communications; or Earth-pointed exterior camera.

Cardinal Points upon the Earth.

ISS - Naked Eye Sighting -

Altitude varies:

205 mi to 270 mi.
330 km to 435 km.

Average speed:

17,100 miles-per-hour
4.75 miles-per-sec
27,600 km/h.
7.66 km/second.


Diameter: ~2780 miles
Radius: ~1400 miles

When a direct communication link is used, contact time between the ISS and a ground station is limited to approximately 10 minutes per visible pass.

Atmospherc drag:

Drag from the residual atmosphere.

Orbital decay:

2 km/month.

When the ISS enters the Earth's shadow, the main solar panels are rotated to minimise this aerodynamic drag, helping reduce orbital decay.

Reboost manoeuvres are done using the engines of the Zvezda module; or using visiting spacecraft.